RHOA – Season 3 Reunion, Part 1

Let me start this post by stating that the Real Housewives franchise is my ultimate guilty pleasure.  It’s trash TV, I know.  It’s unnecessary drama, I know.  But I absolutely LOVE IT!  I haven’t watched New York or Beverly Hills, but that’s not to say I won’t.  Just haven’t had the time.  (Miami is starting soon – can’t wait!!!)

 Thanks to an old friend of mine (and by old I mean I’ve known her for a long time…she’s not that old) I started out watching the Orange County show.  She used to stop by to visit every now and then and we’d watch TV.  She turned on the O.C. and I’ve watched ever since.  After that, I was hooked.

 So, back to the reunion show…

 NeNe, NeNe, NeNe – what happened to you?  She used to be my favorite Atlanta housewife, and now she’s my least favorite.  I know the placement of her eye-rolling and otherwise ugly facial expressions had a lot to do with editing, but still, she is just so ghetto!  Kandi says it best – that woman is just boughetto!  I still think that the fight with Kim was all for show and it just gave her another change to explode on television.

Phaedra – quite possibly my new favorite housewife!  When she told NeNe “Your claim to fame is THIS show, I’m PRE-Housewives” I almost died!  Way to go Phaedra!!!  I loved how she could put NeNe in her place without the unnecessary hollering.  Phaedra was cool, calm, and collected and I now love her.

Could you tell that Kim was pregnant in this episode?  I sure couldn’t.  Good call on wearing black, Kim. But, looks aside, did I hear Kim say that she was writing a book about her relationship with Poppa?  Please say it ain’t so!  Kim needs to focus on her relationship with Kroy and leave Poppa in the past – where he belongs! Hmpf!

Can’t wait to watch Part 2!  I’m sad that the promos for next week show Kandi crying over her money issues with Kim.  At first I thought she would’ve been crying over talking about AJ, or not having a man.  Didn’t think she’d let Kim get to her that way.  Keep ya head up, Kandi.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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