Music Review: Adele – 21

I’ll start this review by saying that I have been waiting a LONG time to get my hands on an advanced copy of Adele’s 21 (CD officially releases in the U.S. February 22, 2011).  This album has been well worth the wait!  Adele is one of my favorite artists and she does not disappoint on her spohomore album.  I would pay to listen to this woman sing me my insurance policy – she is that good.  Here is a run down of the 11 songs on this album.

Rolling In The Deep: The first single off this album, released in early January, has been on my favorites list since I first heard it.  Her powerful, bluesy voice captivates you as you listen to a scorned lover’s fantasies of revenge.  The up-tempo, tribal beat beckons you to move.  Smart choice for a 1st release.

Rumour Has It: Another song told from the perspective of a once-scorned lover, but this time the man leaves his fling to return to her, then she leaves him for another.  Phew, what a romantic mess!  The beats in this song are great to listen to, but the “rumour has it” chants throughout the song are a bit much.

Turning Tables:  This beautiful, slow song is about self-empowerment and her unwillingness to be controlled.  The song is her send-off to the sordid relationship and she vows to become stronger on her own.  Beautifully written and performed.

Don’t You Remember: Here, Adele channels her inner-Martina McBride.  I could totally hear this song on country radio one day.  Hey, if Gwyneth Paltrow can do it, so can Adele!  This song has Adele pining for a lover who’s left her, she believes due to her own short-comings.  She’s asking him to remember the good times, and return to her.

Set Fire To The Rain:  This song is absolutely superb!  Her passionate voice overwhelms this track – in a good way, of course.  It may be released as a single, and her fans will undoubtedly love it.

He Won’t Go:  This song is pretty catchy.  I listened to the whole album on my way to work this morning (long commute) and these lyrics stayed with me all day.

Take It All:  Adele’s gospel-singing at its best.  Her voice, accompanied only by a piano and a gospel choir make the hairs stand on the back of my neck.  I cannot get over how much her voice moves me. Just. Beautiful. Period.

I’ll Be Waiting: This song sounds vaguely reminiscent of the Billy Joel and Elton John jams I love.  Piano pounding, jazz trumpet goodness.  Ooh yeah.

One And Only:  An elegant, bluesy love song to a love interest.  Passion, power, grace, strength – Adele fits them all into this lyrical gem.  I pity the fool (in my best Mr. T impersonation) who doesn’t love this song!

Lovesong: Adele’s cover of The Cure’s 1989 top ten pop hit.  She transforms the song into a soulful work of art.  I just might prefer this version to the original.  I also loved that I has another opportunity to sing along in the car (the only other song on this album I’d heard prior to today was Rolling In The Deep).  Love it!

Someone Like You: This track is my absolute favorite on the entire album.  Rumored to be the second single released, Someone Like You is a true lyrical masterpiece!  Her sultry voice on this song, accompanied only by piano, is stunning.  Goosebumps.  Really.  If you’ve ever suffered from a broken heart, this song’s for you.

All in all, what can I say?  Adele is just amazing – and so is her new album.


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