I had a Resolution?

Image: nattavut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Mid-February.  Just days after Valentine’s Day.  Less than two months ago we all celebrated the beginning of a brand new year and made some resolutions to change our lives for the better.  I resolved to…er…um…what was that resolution again?

Being a working mom of two kids, I can barely remember what happened last week, let alone at the beginning of the year!  I have short-term mom memory, making it impossible to remember something for an entire year.  Not only that, but think about the discipline it takes to vow to make a change for a year.  That’s 365 days!  Yikes!

So I’ve resolved to make mini-resolutions.  (Haha)  This month I’ll start with a Weekly Resolution, eventually working my way up to a Monthly Resolution.  Lord knows, I have a few areas in my life that need some improvement!  I also want my goals/resolutions to be a bit more attainable than the lose weight, save money, yadda, yadda we hear all the time.  I’ll set realistic resolutions with measurable goals attached to them.

 Well, here goes:  My first overall resolution is to spend more quality time with my family.  To achieve this, I’ve already started my “one hour of TV a day” rule for the week and, so far, so good. I think I’ll keep that this week.  But, wait – does that include weekends?  Um…maybe not.  I set the rules, so I can change them, right?  How about this…one hour of catch-up on TV shows, but I’m allowed to watch a movie with my family?  Sounds fair to me.  Wish me luck! 

I wrote this post for Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop in response to Prompt #5: How’s that New Year’s Resolution Treating You?  I totally forgot what I signed up for at the beginning of the year!  Whoops!

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