If I Hear “Mom, I’m Bored!” One More Time…

Ugh.  I just want to scream!  My lovely, almost 12-yo daughter, Miss-Y, needs to develop her imagination already.  I am inundated DAILY with groans of “I’m bored”, “There’s nothing for me to do”, or “Mom, let’s DO something”.  Are you kidding me?!?!  I don’t ever remember being this bored growing up.  There was always something for me to do – and I DIDN’T grow up in this new age of technology either.  No Wii.  No Xbox.  No cell phone.  No laptop.  Come to think of it, what did I do? LOL

I did plenty.  These are the options I gave to little Miss-Y and a few ideas for you too:

Go Outside

I don’t care what temp the weatherman says it is – just go out there and play!  If it’s snowing, build a snowman.  If it’s warm, ride your bike.  Invite a friend.  Play hopscotch.  Play tag.  ANYTHING!  Just go!  Friends not around?  You don’t have to go by yourself – I’ll join you.  Just ask.

Read a Book

It amazes me how my love of reading completely skipped over this child.  I can read for hours!  She can’t stand reading for minutes.  I figured that she was just reading the wrong material.  I asked her what kind of stuff she’d be interested in and she said – scary short stories.  Great!  Now get on that little laptop of yours, look up some books, and I’ll gladly swing by the library and pick them up.  It’s that simple.

Make Something

Arts & crafts are a great way to allow kids of any age to express themselves.  Draw a picture.  Make a card for someone.  Paint.  Learn to sew, knit, crochet.  All great ways to keep a kid’s mind occupied.  It really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it gets your creative juices flowing.

Get Online

Not to chat, or instant message, or Facebook, but try to find some cool sites suitable for your interests and age group.  A few that I love for tween girls are:

girlslife.com – eZine for tweens & up

beinggirl.com – great site with articles, games, and quizzes

girlsense.com – makeover site where you can design your own clothes

stardoll.com – makeover your own doll, or one of a celebrity

cosmogirl.com – Cosmo’s site for young girls

Pick Up the Phone!

Stop texting & start calling.  Kids today hardly ever opt for voice contact.  They’d rather spend HOURS texting a conversation that could’ve been had within 10 minutes on the phone.  So try it.  You’ll get to know your friends much better that way.

Pick any of these activities – or choose one of a million others – and just DO something.  Please.  You’ll have fun – and you just might stop telling me how bored you are.


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