Seriously…you want to KNIT?!?!

Ok, ok.  I know it sounds strange.  As if I don’t have enough going on…work, kids, blog, reading, etc.  Why on earth would I want to add another activity to my plate?  It’s simple.  Because it looks cool, that’s why!

Last night, Baby B was napping and I was, I guess, bored.  I persuaded Miss-Y to tag along with a promise of a purchase.  She really doesn’t care about what I purchase, just that I do.  Anyhow, we drove to the nearest Hobby Lobby (an absolutely FANTASTIC store) to browse.  Honestly, I had no idea what I wanted to do.  Just wanted to window shop.  Up and down every aisle we went.  (She got bored after about aisle 5, BTW.)  Jewelry, scrapbooks, home décor, gardening, stamping…nothing peaked my interest too much.  Then, I came across this book:

Just look at those cute legwarmers!  I could knit them for Miss-Y!  Socks.  Blankets.  Sweaters.  AWESOME!  Put it in my cart…let’s go!

Opened the book, got out the needles and some extra yarn I had lying around the house, and was ready to go.

Lesson 1: Casting On.  Not bad.  I got it right after 10 minutes.  Cool!  Up next…

Lesson 2: Knit stitch.  Um, what?  The yarn goes this way, then under and over, then catch the stitch with the right needle to transfer.  Are you kidding me?  Clearly I wasn’t getting this.  So I turned to my trusty DIY friend, YouTube.  Watched a video with an obscenely perky teenager and tried to follow along.  Wait.  Rewind.  I think I’ve got it.  Nope.  Rewind.  UGH!

After an hour of practice, this is what I got:

Not very promising, huh?  But I’m not giving up just yet.  I’ll have that potholder ready in about 6 months.  Or 8.


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