Weekend Wrap-up: How many people are coming over?

This weekend has been exhausting (aren’t they all though?).  Thank goodness for  U.S. Presidents…wouldn’t have a day off tomorrow without them. 

I am finally starting to wind down after yet another hectic weekend. (Still have that sangria handy, PHEW!)  Friday kicked off with the weekly “Mom, can my friend sleep over?”  Sure.  Fine.  I try not to cave too often, but the girl wears me down sometimes.  So while she’s relaxing with the BFF, my husband and I needed something to do too.  So, naturally of course, we headed to the local liquor store: vodka for him, undecided for me.

We chatted up the owner for some recommendations, and whaddya know, we get a totally free, impromptu wine tasting.  Score!   Probably had the equivalent to 2 glasses of wine.  He was GREAT!  I ended up walking out with a nice bottle of sangria, bottled right here in Illinois.  So cool. 


Saturday was rough.  Baby B had me up before 7am while the rest of the house was still asleep.  Had to run some errands before the first round of people showed up so was out and about for a few hours.  Long story short, we had a visit from the grandparents, my daughter’s friend, my sister, my brother with his family, and my friend and her family.  For a grand total of 13 people!  13 totally unexpected guests all in one day.  That’s enough to drive anyone bananas.

Today was just a little more relaxed, but still had to venture out to run some errands.  Errands involving money.  Always involving money.  Although we did finally find a solution to the hard-as-a-rock play yard mattress.  Can’t really call it a mattress though.  More like covered plywood.  Guess we’ll save next month…


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