Do You Agree with this “Tough Love” Story?

I came across this story yesterday about a Florida mom who forced her son to stand on a street corner to display his poor GPA score (1.22).  Rhonda Holder says she has tried other methods to motivate her son, but nothing has worked so far.  She thinks that public humiliation will shame him into getting better grades.

Huh? Is she serious?!?!

Wait – it gets worse!  She plans to make him stand on the street every day until his grades improve.

Um, here’s a tip, lady – he won’t be learning anything standing on a street corner!  Find a tutor!!!

And she just might need one herself, too. She says, “He don’t like to get embarrassed.”

Some example there, Rhonda!  Not surprisingly, neither parent graduated from high school, nor obtained a G.E.D.

Further proof (IMHO) that change needs to start at home – and NOT on the street.  Poor kid is only likely to feel worse.


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