For Sale: Skinny Jeans

No, not the style “skinny jeans”.  But real, tangible skinny jeans.  Skinny shirts.  Skinny shorts.  Skinny dresses.  All clothes skinny.

Size 6-8 – Skinny clothes

Disillusioned mom of a 5-month old to unload all former, skinny-self clothing items.  Things that have been hanging in my closet for 14+ months.  Never to be worn again.  Taking up space – lots of space.

For that matter, why don’t you make an offer for the skinny shoes too?  Skinny heeled shoes.  Shoes too high, too uncomfortable, too fancy for me.  Bandolino’s don’t belong at the playground, in the mud.


Will settle for a trade – Size 10 and up.  Or baby items.  Or baby clothes.  Or a book.  Whatever, just take it.

This post was written for the online writer’s group, The Red Dress Club. The writing prompt for this week was to create a humorous Craig’s List type ad selling something after breaking up with someone or something.  I’m breaking up with all things skinny – or the idea that I will be.

34 thoughts on “For Sale: Skinny Jeans

  1. Oh hang on girlie! Five months is nothing, you’ll get there. Until then, shove it all to the back of the closet and go invest in some cute yoga pants. All good.

  2. Don’t despair, you’ll be back in those clothes in a few more months! I know I felt like it was hopeless myself right around the 5-6 month mark. This piece is definitely very relatable and well told.

    BTW, I am passing along the Stylish Blogger award to you! It’s a lot of fun so stop by my blog to get the button and to participate.

  3. Don’t despair! You still have time if you really want to get back down to those clothes. If not, the larger size doesn’t mean the death of all cuteness (my favorite boots this winter are Bandolino and have ventured to many a playdate!)

  4. Yoga pants are magic. And Spanx. But give it time, too. They say you have nine months to put it on, so give yourself at least nine months to return to your old self.

  5. You can get back in the skinny jeans! My son was 8 mo when I got myself in gear! Started an in home DVD program and within a year best shape of my life!

  6. I love my kids.

    I hate what they did to my body. I love food, but can usually maintain my weight. Losing weight after babies, that was a challenge.

    My only way to do it without giving up my eating habits was to work out, a lot. Not for everyone, but the start of my return to non-yoga maternity pants clothing and eventually “skinny” clothes.

    Join a gym with childcare – it is a godsend (joined with DS was 6 months old). Not only can you exercise (which does ironically give you more energy), you GET TO SHOWER while having a 2 hour break to miss your little angels.

    LOVED how this was written, but it was the last paragraph, the “whatever just take it” that really sent me over the edge. Great job!

    • Amen! Love the kids…hate the little extra that I still carry around.

      It’s almost spring (YESSSSS) and I really want to start walking. (If I start with the running I’ll probably never do it again). 😉

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