The One Giveaway I REALLY Want

You know you see them everywhere…heck, some of you probably even have them on your site.  Giveaways.  All kinds of giveaways…from make-up to shoes to toys to everything else.  Seems like everyone has something to give away.  (And I’m not even gonna lie – I hope to one day be able to post a giveaway of my own right here on this site.)  Anyway…

Usually I just browse, read the description and move on.  The chances of me winning something are probably none.  I have NEVER won anything in my life.  Not a contest. Or a raffle.  Or anything.  Notice how I started with usually.  Sometimes I do enter.  Not because I think I’m going to win, but simply to prove that I really never win.

This giveaway, however, more than peaked my interest.   Ashley over at 3 Boys and a Dog is hosting a giveaway for a FREE blog design by Sheilla at Made with Love, Inc.  I took a look at her design portfolio and I just KNOW that she’ll do a fantastic job.

That just stopped me in my tracks.  I know, more than anyone, that my blog looks like crap.  You don’t have to tell me – trust me, I know.  The most unoriginal blog ever.  I know NOTHING about blog design, and I didn’t even know that I had to move from to just to add a custom layout.  (I’m holding off on that for now, hoping I score with this free design.)  Totally blognorant…yep, that’s me!

I really, really, REALLY hope I win this giveaway.  Please let the stars align in my favor just this once!  One day – soon peeps – I WILL have a blog that is totally original and mostly, all me.  Until then, please keep your fingers crossed that this is my contest.


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